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There's something for everyone at the Bilston Sports & Social Club

Want to meet new people or looking for things to do in Bilston?

The Bilston Sports & Social Club is proudly partnered with a range of local and national clubs, groups and initiatives. Whatever your interests or age, there's bound to be something for you at our club and venue for hire in Bilston.





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4:45pm – 9pm

We don't have anything regularly scheduled on Mondays, meaning that our lounge and concert hall are freely available to hire for private parties, events and more.

a woman sitting in a circle with girl guides with their hands up



4:45pm – 9:30pm

We welcome Girl Guides, Rainbows and Cubs to our club at 6:00pm, giving littles ones a wide range of activities and opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends.


people doing a workout class together


4:45pm – 10:30pm

Get ready for a midweek pick-me-up!

We're proud to host weekly Slimming World meetings, where you'll find a welcoming and supportive community dedicated to helping you on your weight loss journey.

Looking to test your strategic thinking skills and exercise your mental muscles? Our chess club gets together to challenge themselves and each other.

You'll also find our local snooker team practising their cues and sharpening their skills on the table for away games, or defending Bilston's good name at home games. Please note that this may limit the availability for our snooker tables.


the logo for Marg's Auction - the auction that takes place on Saturdays at Bilston Sports and Social Club



4:45pm – 12:00am

Want to grab a bargain?

Marg's Auction will be set up in the Concert Hall, with vendors having the floor from 2:30pm onwards (Including plenty of hot and cold food), viewings from 6:00pm and the auction commencing at 7:00pm. Every adult is entered into a free raffle, with a chance to win £10!

Please note that our snooker tables may have limited availability due to our snooker team practising.

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4:45pm – 12:30am

Get the weekend off to a good start with our Family Fridays!

The kids have the floor at our Children's Disco from 5:00pm, while parents and guardians can unwind, mingle and enjoy a well-deserved break. Catch up with friends, meet new neighbours or simply relax with some delicious food and a cold drink.



an older lady playing a table top game with other elderly people


13:45pm – 12:30am

Open sesame – We don't have anything regular planned on Saturdays, meaning our entire venue for hire in Bilston is open and available for your function or event.


12:00pm – 21:00pm

Don't let your Sundays be a drag – Stop by the Bilston Sports & Social club!

Test your luck with our classic bingo, tote and raffle games from TBC for a bit of friendly competition. If you're in the mood to maybe win a cash prize, you're free to participate in our Bonus Ball Money Fund.





Our venue for hire in Bilston is yours when you get in touch

The Bilston Sports and Social Club's doors are open for all your special moments and occasions, from joyous wedding celebrations and birthdays to bittersweet farewell gatherings.

With our spacious rooms, excellent facilities and friendly staff, we're here to make your event one to remember.

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